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Getting here

Villa Moira Crete

Welcome to Destiny

Once you’re here, we suggest hiring a car to make the most of your stay.  We highly recommend you use Athens Cars, who are cheap and very reliable, and will meet you at the airport with your car. 

Driving in Crete

Your journey to the house from either Heraklion or Chania airport will be along the National Road, E75, which is a fairly new and good road.  It is dual carriageway in places, and although it is sometimes quite windy it is a safe road to drive on.  However, our experience will help you with the following tips!

· Remember to drive on the right!

· It is normal to use the hard shoulder to aid overtaking - if you’re being overtaken or cars coming towards you are overtaking you can move over and make use of the extra space.  The locals will think nothing of overtaking in places we would consider foolish, and they expect you to use the hard shoulder

· Sometimes the police will set up speed traps along the National Road, but you will get plenty of warnings from the locals coming the other way flashing their headlights!

Take care and drive carefully!

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